Top 5 Small Business Marketing Ideas

Small Business Marketing

Running a small business you will need to invest a lot of time and money into marketing your business, product or service. Affordable marketing ideas that convert with the return that you want is hard especially for business with limited marketing dollars. Marketing online is an easy way to gain wide-spread as well as local exposure for your offline business, but creating a marketing campaign that converts can be tough and can burn through your advertising dollars. Here are 5 affordable and effective small business marketing ideas to get your business advertised online.

Step 1: Launch a website… If you are running a business and you do no have a website then you are missing out on a serious consumer base! Many business owners once they launch their website they see their client base raise as much as 10,000{1cc8e45cbcdeae64cb989adba369b6a3f691ff03978596e6760cecf20fed8ab4}! Getting a professional to design, program and develop your website is the easiest way to have a website your visitors like, there are many affordable options for designers.

Step 2: Pay-Per-Click… This is the quickest way to get targeted traffic online instantly! You can literally start having people interested in your business, service or product within 5 minutes of setting up a campaign. Careful though, pay-per-click is an easy way to get more business but you can burn through your advertising dollars quickly if you don’t know how to do it right. Hiring a marketing consultant / marketing campaign expert to build your marketing campaign can be a way to help you instantly start seeing a return from your website.

Step 3: Social Media… Social media is one of the hottest trends online serving hundreds of millions of people! Social media will help you build and grow your business, fans and clients. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are big and it’s easy to grow your business with these websites.

Step 4: Banner Advertising… Getting your Brand/Image online and advertised on sites relating to your business is a great way to get more visitors online. Hiring a professional banner designer is affordable and will make your banner advertising campaign convert much better.

Step 5: Article Marketing… Keeping consumers information about the area of business you are involved with is very important. By writing articles relating to your area of business and submitting them to article directories can help you get more targeted clients as well as keep them updated with trust in your business.

Small Business Marketing can be tough and costly but by creating your own website, pay-per-click campaign, social media accounts, banner campaigns and writing articles to keep your consumers informed can be very affordable done right!