Temporary Felony Jobs – Jump Start Your Search for Felon Friendly Jobs and Start Making Money

Many times finding felon friendly jobs can be hard. A lot of employers are unwilling or reluctant to take a risk on someone who has a less than pristine criminal record, much less hire a felon. If you face this problem, consider getting a job through a temporary employment agency. Temp agencies are a good way to get a job quickly although many of the jobs do not pay that well. However, there are also some advantages to getting a temp job to help in your search for long term employment for felons.

Pros and Cons of Temporary Work for Ex Felons

The disadvantages of temp work include:

• Benefits may be either nonexistent or much lower compared to regular jobs.

• Employers may need only seasonal workers. For example, during the Christmas holiday season, demand for an employers’ services or products may increase which means that they need to hire more workers. The downside of this is that after the holiday season, the demand decreases and many workers will be out of a job.

• The biggest problem with temp work is that many jobs don’t pay that well.

Here are the advantages to temp work:

• There are different types of jobs available and you can try them out to see which one is the best fit for you.

• You will meet new contacts that may be able to help you find long-term employment.

• It’s better than being unemployed. You can earn money while looking for a better job.

• Flexible hours.

• It will improve your work history and you will be able to avoid having a long period of unemployment in your resume which will help you find long term employment for felons.

• A good worker is hard to find. Employers may sometimes use a temp agency to try out workers first before hiring them on as regular staff. If you do well in your job, your employer may offer you a more permanent position and turn into a felon friendly job after all.

• Once you have a job, it is easier to get another. Temporary work can be a good stepping stone to better things if you are having difficulty finding employment for felons.

Temporary jobs for felons may not be exactly what you’re looking for but it can be a great place to start and lay a solid foundation in finding job opportunities for felons. Build up your referral base and prove you can hold down a job. Do this and you will have an easier time finding better companies that hire felons.