Stay Google Alert

Ever wondered what’s being said about your business online? You can receive real time alerts any time your business name is mentioned in an online source such as a blog, customer review or article using Google Alerts. Google Alerts is a free service that provides you with email alerts whenever your company name (or other phrase determined by you) is written online. These notifications can help you manage your brand better and provide you with information about your competition, industry and potential new business.

You can ask Google to send you email alerts when a keyword or phrase of your choosing is found by Google. Google Alerts provide content from Google’s own search engine. Results can include web pages, newspaper articles and blogs. For example, an investor may choose to receive Alerts on a specific company in order to monitor their latest news and stock activity. You can choose to receive alerts as soon as they happen, once a day or once a week.

There are numerous competitive advantages that your business can gain from using Google Alerts. Perhaps the main benefit is that you can monitor what is being said about your business online. If there is an article posted online about your company, you will receive a Google Alert to inform you about the article. Likewise, you will receive an Alert whenever a consumer mentions your company in a blog or online review.

Businesses are also setting up Google Alerts on the competition so they can monitor what others are doing. With these Alerts, you can quickly learn about new products or changes through press releases and articles on your competitors. Plus, you can read what their clients are saying in any online reviews. Receiving Alerts on your company’s competition will help you adjust your business plan to better promote your products and services over those of the competition.

Besides learning what is being said about your company and your competitors, Google Alerts can make you aware of industry changes and news items. By following keywords common to your industry, you can learn what is new or changing in your industry so you can be better prepared.

When set up correctly, Google Alerts can also help you find new leads. Receiving information as quickly as possible is an important aspect for many businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Plus, receiving information in real time allows you to act quickly.