Start-Up Business Marketing Advice

Starting up a new business is one of the most exciting things that you can do in your professional career because you essentially are taking control of your working life and becoming your own boss. While it is exciting though it can also be quite a nerve racking thing because one of the issues with working for yourself is you does not have the security of a pay check. You have to cover all aspects of your business from getting customers, to marketing and to delivering the product or service.

Starting a business involves a lot of planning which is essential to being successful, moreover it also means that you need some start-up money to be able to get some marketing essentials together and begin trading. You might be tempted to cut corners at this bit to try and save money but in this day and age people want to see that you are an established business and the best way to convey you are is through marketing products. It would be a shame if you lost potential business early on because you didn’t come across as a legitimate business to new customers.

Below is a list of marketing essentials that all new businesses should invest in to give a good impression to new customers and to establish their brand early on.

  • A small website is very important in this day and age and a form of marketing that every new business should look at. It doesn’t need to be a massive website but it is important to have a presence online as people do like to research anyone they are looking at hiring to do any work. It is also a good idea to get your business submitted into some of the big directories such as Yell, BT, Free Index etc. Again this just reinforces to people if they do look you up that you are an established business.
  • A company mobile phone is a very good idea for a new business because when someone calls it is good to answer with a professional greeting. If you just use your personal phone you will not do this as it might be your friends calling. This just again conveys the fact you are a professional business and not a new business with no experience.
  • Business cards are very important and have been for many years in business. Professionally done business cards create a good impression for your business and are a great way to market yourself in the early days of any new company. It is definitely worth spending a little extra and getting plastic business cards instead of card ones as they are much more durable and give a great quality impression.

These are three very important aspects for a new business to consider when looking at initial marketing ideas. Remember all marketing is about is creating a good image of your business to people and this is very important in the first 12 months for a new company.