Start a Staffing Agency: Decide on Your Niche

Before you begin your staffing business, decide on what is it that your niche will be. It does not matter what kind of agency you are starting, what matters is focusing initially on one area and moving forward within that area to get you started. It is a good idea to be aware of the various areas you can move into within the business model you decide on. Learning the different niches within the medical staffing industry will allow you to be better informed in selecting your area to focus on.

Many larger healthcare temp agencies eventually begin to diversify once they are able to capture larger markets within the area of focus. The challenge facing these types of companies is making sure that you do not overwhelm yourself when getting started. Diversification is paramount for temp agencies and can be challenging, yet it is something that should always be in the forefront of your expansion goals for your agency.

You must take into considerations several factors before deciding what niche to enter. If you have experience in nursing: then it is a good idea to start a nursing agency. If you have experience in respiratory or physical therapy: this is an ideal platform for you to enter. Once you establish credibility, your next step is to branch out to other modalities.

If you are an ultrasound entrepreneur, then selecting to staff is this area may be your best choice to make initially. Many larger companies started with just one area of coverage. They eventually grew and became a leading provider of radiology services.

If you are an existing staffing agency that has been specializing in radiology, your next choice to enter may be respiratory. The key to success is knowing your market and understanding your competition. The barriers to entry are essentially not huge, but this makes your marketing efforts much more valuable and the need to be focused.

If you are a staffing company that has been specializing in accounting, your next step may be executive staffing within the medical staffing industry. The choice will depend on your experience and ability to gain insight and formulate a viable plan that can allow you ease of entry into a new area.

Here is a list of the different types of choices you may have when starting your agency.

1. Short term or long term medical temporary help

2. Per Diem staffing

3. Local contracts

4. Travelers

5. Physician staffing

6. Direct Hire

7. Permanent placement

8. Executive search

The above is an example of the many types of placements you can perform once your business is running.