Recruitment Agencies – Find Work in Dubai

It is important to know some basic details about the recruitment agencies in Dubai if you are planning to work and emigrate to Dubai or any of the Gulf countries. While most Americans – and people of other countries as well – might think that these in Dubai are very different than those in the US and some European countries, in reality they are quite similar.

A prospective job applicant can find job listings and advertisements in the local newspaper and online; the jobs available that are almost exactly the same as those in the US; and the recruitment agencies in Dubai work the same way as they do in the US with some added, region-specific details.

For the most part, the employment agencies in Dubai operate the same way as similar organizations in the US and other western countries. For potential job candidates, recruiters offer services like online application and information about available jobs. By registering with a recruitment agency, job seekers can view job openings and sometimes even post their resume with the agency online.

Many jobs in Dubai are in the construction and construction management fields. Other areas where jobs are plentiful are in financial services and hospitality.

The agencies will often review the applicant’s skills and help them with their resumes so they can attract good companies. It is essential that you work with employment agencies in person in order to be accepted as a serious candidate. For the employers, recruitment agencies in Dubai assess potential candidates and advertise job openings. The biggest difference in the services supplied by the recruiters to the job applicants and the employers is that they often will offer visa services.

It is essential to have a work visa to work in another country, so most recruitment agencies in Dubai offer visa services to make the transition easier on their clients. Since Dubai-based agencies often place people in other Gulf countries, they work with visa often. When searching for a job through a recruiter, be careful that the job you are looking at is actually in Dubai; some jobs will be in other Gulf countries besides the United Arab Emirates: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Besides needing a work visa to be employed in Dubai, it is also important to know that in general, the work week is different than the western work week. In Dubai, the work week begins on Saturday and ends on Wednesday. In some private businesses, the week can start on Saturday or Sunday and end on Thursday. The reason for the different work week is that the Muslim holy day is Friday.