POEA – How Filipinos Benefit From the Role of POEA to Cut Placement Fees

The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) keeps an eye on the licensing of recruitment agencies pooling manpower among Filipinos to work abroad with a specific placement fee. Depending on how attractive the compensation package and destination, some agencies require a huge amount of money to be able to process application of Filipinos dreaming to work abroad.

The POEA helps to check if agencies are legitimate, if registered or illegal. It is up to the common Filipino to take the risk of sneaking through the backdoor, unaware of the authenticity of their work papers. It is therefore, advisable that every overseas worker checks all the documentations at POEA before they decide to pursue their plans so they can save a lot on recruitment fees and avoid being victimized by illegal recruiters.

POEA, however, has taken a new role of recruiting personnel for international job openings instead of the traditional regulatory role. The International Labor Organization (ILO) made it clear that fees for recruitment should not be charged to Filipinos pursuing to work overseas. It is on this provision that POEA takes a stand to control the fees being charged by these placement agencies. Lots of job openings in different countries specifically the Middle East, can be shown at the website of POEA which provides an easier access for Filipino workers to seek for an overseas employment that is genuine. POEA does not just recruit for employment opportunities overseas at present, but also undertakes the role of cutting the fees being charged by recruiters.

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