Occupational Therapist Career Options – Traveling OT Jobs – Are They Right For You?

Are you an occupational therapist who is at a crossroad in your career? Have you dreamed about practicing occupational therapy in a lot of different places? You should consider working as a traveling occupational therapist. This lifestyle has more to recommend it than just the competitive salary. A staffing agency that focuses on traveling therapists is a great place to find great therapy jobs. Your life and your career will become much more exciting as you take jobs in places you never thought you would see.

People choose the life of a traveling occupational therapist for a wide variety of reasons. Some are attracted by the high pay and potential for bonuses. Others want to find out what it is like to live in different cities. Maybe the job market for full time therapy jobs in your city is limited. Traveling allows you to get paid to go where the job opportunities are. You can work an OT job in a warmer climate in winter and a cooler one in the summer. The adventure of making friends in different cities all over the country is a big draw as well. The great thing about travel therapy jobs is you can go wherever you want for as long as you want.

For those who are not tied down to a particular community travel jobs can be perfect. If your kids have grown and left the house you can take baby steps towards retirement. Listing with an agency that specializes in traveling health care is a great idea for those with new degrees who don’t know where they want to live and practice. If you have fantasized about living in a particular city, this is a great way to check it out. Don’t worry if you have special considerations like a pet or family member that must go with you. Your agency should customize assignments based on your particular desires and needs.

There are many health care staffing agencies out there. How do you pick the right one for you? Make sure that the staffing agency you choose specializes in placing traveling occupational therapists. This will ensure you work with a staff who understands the specific issues occupational therapist candidates face. Look for agencies that help you navigate the specific license requirements in the states where you want to practice. There are staffing agencies that help pay for your continuing education requirements. Make sure they provide a daily stipend and living quarters as well as pay for your transportation to new employment assignments. Benefits like health and life insurance as well as retirement contributions are part of compensation packages. Just make sure you fully understand the eligibility requirements set out by the staffing agency.

Wherever you are in your occupational therapy career, just starting out or nearing retirement, you can find a rewarding life as a traveling occupational therapist. The flexibility of working where and when you want as well as the great pay make this traveling lifestyle a very attractive option. Just because you work on a variety of contracts does not mean that you need to forgo great benefits. Look for an agency that will tailor traveling assignments specifically to your interests, skills and requirements. Then jump start your career by becoming a traveling occupational therapist.