Is Google the New Yellow Pages?

Are you in business? Do you spend ridiculous amounts of money for a one year’s membership to your local yellow pages directory?

How’s that working for you?

C’mon…think about it. When was the last time you used the yellow pages to look up a phone number yourself? You either Googled for it, or you called 411 directory assistance right?

So, why throw your money away for something that doesn’t work anymore.

This is what you have to ask yourself……Do you have a website that makes you money, or just an online business card? Because if people can’t find you, what good is either!

While reading a local newspaper today, there was an article written about the shift in marketing that is happening everywhere you turn. It was an interesting article, and the basic question was….whether to have a Yellow Page ad or a Google one.

Here’s a fact according to Newsweek…..over 91{1cc8e45cbcdeae64cb989adba369b6a3f691ff03978596e6760cecf20fed8ab4} of people say they use the Internet Search Engine (Google) to find local products and services. That’s staggering. Even well known computer and online geek Chris Anderson of Wired, says “You don’t define your brand anymore Google does.”

Smart local businesses are not advertising in local papers or local yellow pages anymore. Instead smart businesses focus advertising resources in building a solid web profile (a good brand) and getting ranked high on Google locally. Smart businesses know local consumers are more likely to go online and use Google to find local products and services.

Google is the new Yellow Pages!

Today you must have a good online profile, you must have a blog or a website, you must be willing to learn the secrets of online marketing or pay someone to do it for you and you must understand the power of branding.

Budgets are tight these days, and online marketing and branded web profiles are a very powerful tool! Just 5 years ago most businesses were using the yellow pages. Just two years ago most businesses were listed on the yellow pages online directory.

Today you must be using Google!

Over 76{1cc8e45cbcdeae64cb989adba369b6a3f691ff03978596e6760cecf20fed8ab4} of offline businesses will move the majority of their marketing online this year. Hosting, video creation, and list building will be key components to businesses coming online and having success. It’s like the gold rush from over 100 years ago.

History is repeating itself again.

Offer the picks and shovels (tools for online success)!

Local businesses must have the tools for their online marketing requirements, they must also gain the knowledge required to advertise effectively online and they must brand themselves with the right information.

Local businesses will be more interested in getting ranked well on Google than having a Yellow Pages ad that no one will read. The shift is happening now.

What will you do?