Article Marketing & Content Creation – How to Quickly & Easily Create Traffic Building Content

If you are going to succeed on the Internet, you need to be able to create a large volume of content that brings in the traffic. The bad news is that this is where many people struggle. The good news is that Article Marketing, done right, ends the struggle.

300 words in 30 minutes or less

I’m going to show you a few tips and tricks to get your content creation and traffic building done in less than 30 minutes a day:

  • Don’t write your articles in your regular word processing tool. Write them right in the submission page of your favorite article directory. The good ones allow you to save your work. In this way you save the time it takes to write it in MS Word, for example, copy and paste it into notepad to clean it up, and then copy and paste it into the article directory.
  • As Alex Mandossian is fond of saying “templatize your enterprise.” Whether you use mine, someone elses, or your own, using an article allows you to create your articles much faster. Instead of staring at a blank screen you have an outline in front of you and you just fill in the blanks with your information.
  • Keep a working list of article ideas and titles. In this way each time you sit down to create an article you have a ready made list from which to work.
  • Although you will get a ton of traffic from the right Article Directories, you want to get traffic from other sources as well. You can leverage Social Media to get more waves of traffic to your articles and thus your web sites and blogs. Announce and reference your articles on Twitter and Facebook. Take one of your articles and turn it into a video article on YouTube, Viddler and other video distribution sites.
  • Two other great and easy ways to generate traffic to your articles and thus your web sites and blogs: 1) Create a Squidoo Lens with your more popular articles. 2) Articles can easily be turned into Press Releases with just a few tweaks.
  • And remember to repurpose your articles onto your own blog as well. This has more benefits than just giving you content for your blog. You get new traffic from Social Media by inviting them to read articles on your blog. You also get return traffic to your blog when you invite your email list to a new article on your blog.