Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Job Boards for Employers and Job Seekers

Internet advertising is one of the most widely used methods to recruit people for jobs these days. The same way, it has also become the most popular mode for publishing their CVs for the job seekers. Due to these reasons the job boards have become popular tools for both recruiters as well as job seekers. However, unlike with niche sites with general sites there are lots of applications and your application may get lost unless you use the right keywords relevant to the job you are applying for.

If you make an online search, you will find how popular the job boards are despite their being there for a number of years. However, it is difficult to get the expected results from them due to the large number of clients participate. However, both parties still use them.

Job Boards as a Tool for Employers

One of the most important assets of this tool is its low cost incurred when finding a candidate to fill a vacancy. It is very much cheaper than getting a recruitment agency to find the right candidate for a job. Finding one from a site that offers thousands of CVs is not that easy but it is very cheap. In addition to that it is not difficult to find an average person with the use of these sites. However, if you are looking for a specialist general sites are not the best places to look for. Instead, go to a niche site.

One of the problems faced by job boards is the non availability of the human element in these selections. In contrast, if you select a person through word of mouth, you might end up with a better choice. Even recruitment agencies that have enough time to go through hundreds of application before choosing a candidate, will find this a disadvantage.

Job Boards as a Tool for Job Seekers

When you place your CV in one of these sites, your application could get lost in the sea of applications available there unless it is one that is dedicated for a certain niche. Therefore, use the right keywords in your CV. Also, you have the possibility of targeting the companies that you want to be employed with.

However, there are lots of niche sites emerging now. Very often they either target the sectors such as engineering and sales. Sometimes, they target the actual industry sector also. Though they have been there for a long time job boards still play an essential part in finding jobs online.