3 Types of Traveller Suited to Annual Travel Insurance

The world of travel is extremely diverse. For example, some people see the beach as a paradise of warm sand and soothing waves, while others see it as a potential site of sunburn, sweat and dangerous surf. There are as many different types of traveller as there are locations to visit, and, in fact, each location can be experienced in many different ways.

There is also a huge range of insurance policies to cover yourself whilst on a trip. An annual travel insurance policy is a wise choice for certain types of people.

The Business-Class Lounger

Annual travel insurance suits one obvious category: the frequent flyer, the itchy-footed, and the ones bitten by the travel bug, either by choice or obligation. Yet even within the category of those who have to leave home many times a year there are different types. One is particularly suited to this yearly form of cover. You will find him or her in business clothes with a smart suitcase, marching across the terminal with an apparent intuitive sense of where the business-class lounge is to be found, no matter which airport they find themselves in. Those who travel regularly over the year for business need a policy that serves them for the long term.

The Quick Island-Hopper

Business-class loungers may have their cover chosen for them, or they may have to purchase it themselves. In either case, their annual travel insurance can often be written off as an expense. But there is another type of frequent flyer who bears the cost themselves. The ‘island-hopper’ may travel by bus, train, or even car, and actually travels to many different places, not just tropical islands! They have an innate desire that drives the to escape from the daily grind on as many weekends, public holidays, or sneaky breaks as possible. It simply makes no sense for that traveller to purchase separate cover for each trip, so having a plan that is broad and flexible in place saves time and money.

The Professional Journeyer

The difference between the business-class lounger and the professional journeyer is one of attitude and destination. Many people who leave home on business because they must, for the sake of a meeting, a convention, training or another work-related activity; the professional journeyer travels for more in-depth reasons. Photographers, archaeologists, scientists, explorers, researchers, conservationists, geologists – for these, annual travel insurance covers their long and frequent forays to places that are the goal of their business or study. The glaciers of Greenland, the excavations by the Nile, and the trails of the Amazon are not simply incidental sites – they are often a passion.