3 Things to Consider Before Partnering With a US IT Staffing Firm

This is primarily because of two reasons. First, recruitment firms help in finding candidates faster and second, they have specialized knowledge and are experienced in recruiting candidates in specific disciplines including IT. According to research, in the last 12 months 35{1cc8e45cbcdeae64cb989adba369b6a3f691ff03978596e6760cecf20fed8ab4} of US companies used a staffing agency for recruiting employees.

In order to get access to the best candidate, it is important that a company partners with the right employment firm. Your choice of staffing company plays an important role in finding the perfect candidate for a vacant position. For optimum success, a business must consider a few things while partnering with a recruitment firm:

Choose a US IT staffing company

Though there are boutique staffing agencies, it is always better to approach an IT staffing firm to find IT candidates. Boutique agencies are those that recruit for many industries. Such agencies seldom have the specialized knowledge and experience of an IT recruitment firm. An IT recruitment company usually has dedicated recruiters for every technology including SAP, JAVA, Share Point and.Net. A recruiter has knowledge about specific technologies so he can act as a catalyst in your search for the right candidate.

Moreover, you should also consider the location of a recruitment firm. A US company will know the rules of recruiting IT candidates in the US, which you might not expect from employment firms that are based in other countries.

Check the rates

If you feel that you have done a great job because your staffing firm is less expensive that all others – think again! It is important that you check the rates of an employment firm before you partner with them, but low price does not always mean you will get the best services. Research has shown that a wrong hire can cost you up to 4 times more than a staffing agency. To save more, reduce mis-hiring and improve the efficiency of your business, it is better to work with the experts.

Make your expectations clear

Make your expectations clear to the staffing agency from the very outset. Give them an idea of your business and also about your work culture. This will help them find the right candidate who will suit the technical need of the business and will also match with the company culture. Also check on the time they need to find a candidate. Usually an employment firm maintains a pool of candidates. It simply tries to match your need with the skills of one of these candidates. This is why a recruitment firm can find candidates faster. But it is better to give them a fair estimate from the beginning.

Once you have checked all these and are satisfied, then only you can consider partnering with a staffing agency. Such a partnership can be expected to be long, healthy and mutually beneficial.